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“BIAN provides a standardized and extensive domain service model for Financial Services, so it was easy to pick up and implement the BIAN framework”

Tracy Strong

Chief Operating Officer, Global Wealth Technology


“BIAN enables us to deliver better services for our customers, at speed, with scale and at a lower cost”

Aarti Dahiya

Lead Architect, HSBC

JP Morgan Chase

“The BIAN message modeler is a tool which BIAN community member banks can review, compare, and align their APIs to the BIAN Semantic standards to increase the interoperability between banks and technology providers”

Timothy Ness

VP Senior Manager, Digital & Open Banking


“The BIAN framework will enable banks globally to integrate with external companies and support the move towards Open Banking more easily. We selected BIAN because it is the standardized framework that is most requested by customers”

Eran Agrios

SVP & GM of Financial Services

Play Digital Consulting

“We chose BIAN because of its maturity. With BIAN, we are facilitating and standardizing the way we design products, modernize applications and design APIs”

Francisco Gomez

Director General


“PNC’s ascension to a national financial power and adoption of BIAN principles go hand in hand. Quite frankly, only an architecture built on the BIAN framework allows an organization of the size of PNC to become and remain a technology leader”

Chris Momberger

Chief of Staff