BIAN Certifications

The BIAN Foundation Certification and the BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification are the official BIAN Certifications established by BIAN and are carried out by an external examination organization: Van Haren Learning Solutions.

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The BIAN Foundation Certification

The BIAN Foundation Certification is intended for those enterprise, business and solution architects in the financial services industry (FSI) who are interested in applying BIAN in organizations to improve the overall performance.

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The BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification

This training is intended for professionals such as data architects and data modelers at both enterprise and solution levels, as well as consultants and service providers, with a strong emphasis on data, who operate in the financial services industry.

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Companies that are already BIAN certified

Why to get BIAN certfied?

Key benefits that enable BIAN certified experts to

Get recognized as a BIAN professional

Showcase your in-depth knowledge on how to improve the operational efficiency within and between banks.

Showcase your BIAN knowledge and general skill set

Enable the adoption of more flexible business models by leveraging the BIAN models and tools.

Drive the Adoption of BIAN

Support Financial Institutions, and all in the Industry to gain easier insights into the complex financial world.

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We offer standard trainings that are combined with a BIAN certification and tailormade trainings based on your project requirements.

The BIAN Foundation Training

The BIAN Foundation will introduce you to the essential BIAN materials for you to understand the BIAN methodology and materials.

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The BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Training

The training enables data professionals to leverage the benefits of the BIAN models and in more depth the BIAN Business Object Model (BOM).

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Key information around the BIAN Certification and training options.

How do I get BIAN certified?

The certification is managed by our examination partner Van Haren Solutions. You can purchase the certification voucher directly at their website with the training/course material – click here.

If you need a training for your certification, please contact us.

How to prepare for the exam?

To prepare for the BIAN certification exam we recommend to participate in the corresponding BIAN training. We offer company group trainings or will connect you to the right partner – contact us to receive further information.

BIAN members have the possibility to join the BIAN Introduction Sessions to get a first insight in BIAN.

It’s also possible to do the exam by studying on my own for the exam (self-study)?

Yes, you can study on your own! We recommend the courseware and training material provided by our examination partner Van Haren Solutions to get certification ready – click here

Where can I take the exam?

Visit the website from Van Haren Solutions to buy the course material and corresponding literature:

If you book a certification training with us, we will provide you with the courseware and exam vouchers.

How many attempts do I have for the exam?

You have 12 practice exam attempts. A syllabus can be requested at Van Haren Solutions website – click here

What are the exam requirements?

  • Number of questions: 60 multiple choice questions
  • Duration of exam: 60 minutes
  • Pass mark: 70%
  • Type: Closed-book exam

How do I get my BIAN Certification badge?

When you pass the exam, you obtain an official BIAN Certificate, you can activate your social badge and share your performances within your social network. Both will be provided from Van Haren Solutions.

My company is a BIAN member. Do I get a discount on the certification?

Yes, we grant BIAN members a 100,00 EURO discount on the certification voucher and 10% on the BIAN courseware and training material. Please reach out to:

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What our participants say about the BIAN Certification!

“Currently there is no certification specifically on banking architecture and no common language exists which architects can use to communicate within the bank or externally with IT vendors & the banking architecture community. BIAN helps fill this void. This certification provides a practical guide to banking architects to move away from proprietary architectures to banking industry standards. The core of this certification lies in understanding the service landscape which helps in developing an enterprise blueprint/capability model which eventually reduces the downstream effort to develop micro services and API’s. Aside of this, EA practice can also leverage on the BIAN metamodel in Archimate notation to further enrich the practice and reduce overheads whilst aligning with industry best practices. On an end note, understanding this book and passing the BIAN exam will soon become a hygiene factor for architecture professionals within the banking sector similar to the TOGAF exam which is fundamental for EA practitioners across industries.”

Rajaram Dilipkumar
Regional Business Architect CIMB Group

The BIAN certification is a great added value for architects acting in the banking industry. The knowledge obtained, allows you to significantly lower the overall integration costs and improve operational efficiency by re-use of capabilities.

Gerard Peters
FS Architecture Lead Capgemini

“The BIAN certifications mean that it's another milestone to my professional development, to be recognized in terms of having some expertise in the BIAN framework. It's also a portable skill that I can carry with me and it's applicable to any financial industry. Members but also vendors that are partnering with the financial industry. I decided to go for the certification because it is a standard and it is portable.

Warren Hankin
Santander UK