BIAN Academy


  • Learn about the structure of the BIAN organisation
  • Receive a comprehensive overview of the BIAN framework, including:
    • Details of the Service Oriented Architecture where business processes are dynamically defined.
    • The key artifacts including Business Scenario, Service Domain and Service Operation, their characteristics and mutual relations.

Existing members:

  • Learn more about applying the BIAN model in the context of real-life situations for your business – enabling you to get the best out of your membership
  • Find out how to get more involved through working groups – play a role in shaping the industry
  • Access an easy-to-digest BIAN overview, to help explain BIAN to your wider organisation

Why is this training important?

BIAN  is a collaborative not-for-profit ecosystem formed of leading banks, technology providers, consultants and academics from all over the globe. Together this network of professionals is dedicated enabling open banking through open interoperability.

BIAN Certification

Being certified in The BIAN Foundation level acknowledges that a certified professional has mastered the BIAN Standard and is aware that financial institutions can be modelled in a standard way, which enables maximum interoperability and re-use and minimum IT integration cost.


BIAN Online Training

BIAN, Coretransform GmbH, Fotograf: André Wagenzik

BIAN has developed a set of online training modules which allow users to test their knowledge at the end of the webinar. These sessions cover all of the core BIAN design principles, techniques and content areas. The interactive online training will introduce you in the key aspects of BIAN. It covers the architectural concepts and the way to apply them, but also the structure and the way of working of the BIAN organization.


BIAN Trainings

BIAN, Coretransform GmbH, Fotograf: André Wagenzik

By selecting specific modules, the session can be tailored to address your individual training needs, in conjunction with your own internal project discussions to help initiate adoption within your enterprise. With a dedicated in-person trainer, there is plenty of time for detailed question and answers, as well as scope to include exercises and activities to bring the information and guidance to life.


About B.I.A.N. Services GmbH

The purpose of the B.I.A.N. Services GmbH is to support the registered association “Banking Industry Architecture Network — BIAN e.V.” at the attainment of its purpose of activities as well as the performance of training courses and advanced education and the certification in the financial sector, regarding the interoperability within the Financial Services Industry banking institutes and all other related transactions.