BIAN Trainings

BIAN Online Training

The training is divided into 4 major parts each, which consists of video presentations introducing you to a specific subject followed by easy-to-digest slides for a more detailed theoretical description

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Training Modules

BIAN offers a series of shorter more targeted training modules, which delve into key topics in more detail. These standalone interactive web sessions are delivered by a trainer with an in-depth knowledge of BIAN. Each presentation is 60 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes for questions and discussion amongst an audience of between five and fifteen participants.


Company/Individual In-house Training

The basis of our In-house Training is to introduce you with the essential BIAN standard material.  If your company has specific projects or initiatives, we integrate our in-house seminars in terms of content and methodology into your existing processes.

Case studies from our members for example are very suitable for an In-house Training to showcase specific topics.

Contact us to receive further information and to let us know how we can support you.

Experienced Trainer Team

Our trainers are experts who have extensive experience in the banking and financial industry as well as working within the BIAN association and the BIAN Working Groups.

BIAN Trainers

Accredited BIAN Training Partners