BIAN UML Models for every modeling tool

Start working with BIAN Data or Business Object Models in the Modeling tool of your choice.

BIAN uses BiZZdesign software for modeling the BIAN Object Models, the Control Records and the Scenarios (using Archimate® and UML languages), unfortunately BiZZdesign lacks the facility to export the UML models to XMI.

Envizion, our accredited training partner, make these UML models available to anyone by offering them in generic (XMI) and tool specific formats. These formats will allow you to elaborate, in the tool of your choice, your own logical and physical models, database scripts, where you can use the BIAN models as a starting point.

A brief introduction to the BIAN UML models

The BIAN Models have the objective to facilitate Financial Industry stakeholders to exchange financial Industry information and information services.

BIAN uses Archimate® and UML as modeling languages. The UML models however can not be exported. Thus, we have converted these.

The UML models can be grouped in 3 categories:

  • The BIAN Data or Business Object Models
  • The BIAN Control Records
  • The BIAN Scenarios

BIAN Data or Business Object Models and Control Records

Models only (Control Records coming soon)!
The BIAN Object or Data Model concentrates on Foundational Information Building Blocks (Business Objects) and Derived Information Building Blocks (Control Records)
BIAN has a focus on meta-data (the meaning and structure of data and information)


  • Provide a common vocabulary with unambiguous definitions, which can be used as the Esperanto to enable translation of financial concepts between different user communities (semantic community versus speech community)
  • Apply Common basic data model structures
  • Enable data interoperability (Open Data)

BIAN Business Scenarios

The BIAN Business scenarios are a linked sequence of interactions between Service Domains in response to a business event.


A BIAN Business Scenario is not intended to define a standard process but is simply one viable example of possible behaviour. The flow is only set out to be read in a sensible sequence.

It is not intended to be exhaustive or complete. It helps to clarify the nature of the service exchanges between Service Domains and the role of the Service Domains by providing practical examples. They represent a dynamic view.

BIAN Deliverables
A standard set of elemental business objects A standard set of data model patterns that are IT and Organization Agnostic

These models cover a broad audience: from data analyst, data modeler, data architect, Database Administrator and more

BIAN Deliverables
A standard set of possible flows

These models are intended for: Business Architects and Designers (Process Modelers) and more

BIAN models ready to import into your favorite tool

  • Visual Paradigm
  • Enterprise Architect
  • IBM Rational software
  • XMI/XML Metadata

You get an exact copy of the BizzDesign model

Each model has the same colours and positions as the original BizzDesign model.

  • Full documentation in PDF format: BIANBOM version 10
  • Organised per Business area, Business Domain, Service domain (class diagrams), helper, landscape and overview diagrams with and without referenced diagrams and as one global file containing all objects.
  • Simply import. No additional steps or configuration needed.

Beware: the XMI format models only contain objects. They have no diagrams, colors or positions!

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