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The BIAN Transformation Award aims to celebrate innovative solutions and implementations, including systems, development methods, architectural approaches, and mobile solutions, that are based on BIAN’s standards. These solutions and products will show the value-add for organizations and highlight how they can transform the industry as we know it.

Digital transformation is critical for the future of banking, and our aim is to raise awareness of how BIAN can be used and implemented to support this goal. The BIAN Transformation Award will highlight how organizations within the banking and FinTech space use BIAN to accelerate change and drive innovation.

The BIAN Transformation Award is open to any organization that has used BIAN’s standards to achieve extraordinary results over the last two years.

The BIAN Transformation Award will recognize and highlight your excellent achievements, demonstrating your role in enhancing the future of the industry. It will also help to show how other organizations can accomplish this too.

We want to hear your success story!

Award Categories

The BIAN Transformation Awards have three award categories. Please submit your project in one category only.

Transformation Champion

Financial Institutions that successfully used the BIAN Models to solve their business or IT challenges

Questions to consider when submitting your project:

• What business or IT challenge have you solved?
• How have BIAN models helped to solve this?
• Can you provide examples?
• Why did you choose to implement BIAN?
• What were you doing before implementing BIAN?
• How do you see your organization using BIAN moving forward?

Best in Class Partner

Partner provided first class BIAN based solutions to help their clients in a successful transformation

Questions to consider when submitting your project:

• How have BIAN models improved your offerings?
• How have BIAN models supported your clients?
• Can you provide examples?
• Why did you choose to use BIAN?
• What were your clients doing before implementing BIAN?
• How has using BIAN benefitted your client relationships?

Adoption Leaders

Organizations and individuals that adopted and enhanced the BIAN deliverables

Questions to consider when submitting your project:

• Why did you choose to adopt BIAN?
• How did you adopt BIAN?
• How has adopting BIAN changed your IT-organization?
• Can you provide examples?
• What were you doing before implementing BIAN?
• How has using BIAN transformed your business operations?
• How have you supported BIAN to transform?
• Was Architects Certification part of you adoption strategy?

About the Award

The jury will select one category winner from each of the three categories. In addition, a BIAN Champion will be selected from the category winners, as an overall winner of The BIAN Transformation Award.

Evaluation Criteria

The products and services should stand out in the following aspects:

• Functionality and usability
• Overall concept
• Market maturity
• Future proof technology
• Stability of technology
• Future orientation
• Customer centricity
• Impact on the Financial Services Industry

The above order does not constitute a criteria or ranking order for the jury. The jury is free to weight the individual criteria in the evaluation.

Participation & Registration

Participation Terms
We will only accept production ready solutions, products and implementations based on the BIAN standards whose market launch has been within last 2 years. We cannot accept early-stage concepts and theories.

Registration for the award takes place exclusively via our registration page – BIAN Transformation Award.

There is no registration fee and projects can be submitted free of charge.

The following information is requested when you submit your project:

  • Description of your organization
  • Call for Papers document
  • Extract/description of the project – max. 500 words (English only)
  • Category for submission
  • Contact details

You will receive a confirmation of your registration once all details included above have been provided as outlined via the link. 

Why Should you Enter?

The BIAN Transformation Awards

A logo will be awarded to the winners to communicate your success. Use the logo as a label on your website, signatures, or any other advertisements to demonstrate your success and highlight your level of innovation.

Permanent Presentation on our Website

Award winning projects will be shared on our blog and made permanently available on our homepage, with links to your company site for maximum exposure of your success.

Judge Endorsement

The judges will send a short statement to the winners outlining why they have won the award, which will be published on our website and can be used in both internal and external communication, including for prospective clients and customers.


Demonstrate to the industry that you support innovation and excellence.


Your company and staff deserve recognition for their great work. Making the shortlist shows you are an organization worthy of winning an award.

Celebrate your Success at the BIAN Global Summit 2022

We will announce the winners of The BIAN Transformation Awards at the BIAN Global Summit. We look forward to seeing you there, either virtually or in person in December 2022! Award winners will also have the opportunity to network and present their projects to industry leaders at the event. Bring your teams to the award ceremony to join the celebrations.

Social Media Promotion

We will announce the award-winning projects to our LinkedIn pages, reaching over 4,500+ followers, in addition to providing social assets for promotion on your own channels.


Whether shortlisted or an overall winner, The BIAN Transformation Awards is a great PR boost. Utilize the logo, social assets and recognition. We can’t wait to shout from the rooftops about your success!


The companies involved will receive a written notification of the results of the jury. The legal process is excluded.

Meet the Judges

We have a panel of eight banking and financial industry leaders and experts. The judges are an independent, international jury who will decide on the winner of the BIAN Transformation Awards. They will assess all entries based purely on the material submitted. All judges are impartial, and the information submitted will be treated as confidential, unless otherwise stated. You can be assured the breath of our panel allows for vigorous and fair judging.

Eran Agrios
BIAN Board Member, SVP & GM, Financial Services at Salesforce

Shanker Ramamurthy
BIAN Board Member, Global Managing Partner Banking President IBM Industry Academy


Ian G. Gillard
BIAN Board Member, Senior Executive Vice President, Office of the President at Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited


Alessandro Petroni
Head of technology, Strategy, Execution – Financial Services at RedHat

James Buckley
Executive Vice President Strategic Business at Temenos

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director at BIAN


Call for Papers

Opening May 12, 2022

Closing August 31, 2022

Judging Begins

September 20 & 21, 2022

Shortlist Publication

November 2022

Award Show during the BIAN Global Summit

December 2022

Contact Information

If you have any questions about The BIAN Transformation Award, please feel free to contact us on:


B.I.A.N. Services GmbH
Frankfurt, Westend Fair
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 36
60325 Frankfurt am Main