Online Training

How does the training work?
The training is divided into 4 major parts each, which consists of video presentations introducing you to a specific subject followed by easy-to-digest slides for a more detailed theoretical description.

Each section concludes with an assessment that allows you to check what you have learned and allows you to re-read parts you didn’t fully understand.

  1. The Online Training can be watched in the member area of this site.
  2. The Online Training is accessible for 3 months.
  3. A user account will be created and you will receive login information via email.

PREVIEW – BIAN Online Training


  1. BIAN Introduction
    • What is BIAN
    • BIAN´s Primary Purpose
    • BIAN in the context of other standard efforts in the industry
    • Some Key Terms
    • The BIAN Organisation
    • Training setup
  2. Understand the theory
    • Introduction
    • How to combine static and dynamic view in your model
    • BIAN´s model view on the Business
    • The BIAN SOA Framework
    • BIAN´s elemental Building block
    • The BIAN evolving SOA Framework
    • Assessment
  3. How to apply
    • Introduction
    • Mapping BIAN to other industry Standards
    • Other mapping considerations
    • Translating BIAN “down the stack”
    • Applying BIAN Service Domains in Different Technical Environments
    • Defining an Enterprise Blueprint
    • Assessment
  4. How to contribute
    • Introduction
    • The BIAN Organisation
    • Content development, support tools
    • Model business behavior
    • Mapping Service operations to Business Scenarios and Messages
    • Assessment
  5. Closing